7.4            Cancellation

The Insurer shall not be bound to accept any renewal of this Policy and may at any time give You thirty days notice to cancel this Policy sent in writing to Your last known address, where The Insurer has valid reasons for doing so. Valid reasons may include but are not limited to non-payment of premium in full or in part, Your non-co-operation with the terms of The Policy, where We reasonably suspect fraud, where You or someone acting on your behalf uses threatening, abusive or intimidating language or behavior to Us or to someone whom we appoint to provide a service in connection with The Policy.Termination shall be without prejudice to any rights or claims of the Insurer or You prior to the expiry of such notice. The Insurer shall in that event return to The Insured a proportionate part of the premium for the unexpired time of the Policy, (subject to application of any minimum premium). The Insurer reserves the right to terminate this Policy immediately in the event of non-payment of the premium or default under any instalment scheme or linked credit transaction. No refund will be made to The Insured of any instalment paid.


You can cancel this insurance at any time by writing to Your broker and returning Your certificate of Employers’ Liability insurance (if one has been issued to You). Any return premium due to You will depend on how long this insurance has been in force and whether You have made a claim or incidents have occurred that might give rise to a claim. The Insurer reserves the right on refunding any premium paid if You have made a claim under this Policy.


If you cancel the Policy within 12 months of the date cover first started then the following refund limits will apply:


Cancellation from start-date of Policy

Maximum refund percentage

Within 1 month



Within 2 months



Within 3 months


Within 4 months


Within 5 months


Within 6 months


Within 7 months


Within 8 months


More than 8 months



The above limits will be subject to

a)      Us retaining a minimum premium of £25 plus Insurance Premium Tax and

b)      No claims having been made, notified or otherwise pending.